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  • Aabha Hanjura & Sufistification Number of tracks : 8

    Album Name: Aabha Hanjura & Sufistification




    1. Lalvakh

    2. Kashmiri Folk Medley

    3. Roshwalla Myaene Dilbaro

    4. Dumast Qalandarast…

    5. Dum -a Dum Mast Qalandar

    6. Tere Khushboo Main Base …

    7. Arziyaan

    8. Samjhavaan

  • Aabha Hanjura & The Sounds of Kashmir Number of tracks : 1

    Album Name: Aabha Hanjura & The Sounds of Kashmir




    1. Kithe Nain

About Aabha

An energetic live performer, singer & songwriter, Aabha Hanjura, as a popular Sufi Folk Artiste, has been winning hearts at over 100 successful concerts across India, since the year 2005. Hailing from Kashmir, Aabha had the zeal and enthusiasm of creating her own world of music. Realizing an alarming awareness of music and boiling musical talents across India, Aabha auditioned for the greatest musical opportunity, The Indian Idol, and went a long way through it by being one of the youngest finalists on the show.

She founded her Band Sufistication as a new Avatar of Sufi music that encompasses all the original elements of ancient Sufi & Folk ethnicity. On a quest to take the sounds of Kashmir to a larger audience, Aabha is passionate about popularising the lesser known aspect of Kashmir- It's Music! She is currently cutting an album called Aabha Hanjura & The Sound Of Kashmir.

Aabha has been experimenting, exploring and welding classic folk music with contemporary sounds. Along with her band Sufistication, & tries to push the boundaries and bend rules, the result of which is an amalgamation of blues, jazz, soft rock, reggae and dubstep with folk music. Aabha's love & passion for the music of her land-Kashmir led her to innovate on her LIVE sound as well & hence her live project features a never heard before unique & one of it's kind musical ensemble that features authentic Kashmiri instruments like Rabab,Kashmiri Saarangi & the percussions of Kashmir like ,Tumbaknari that creates a sound that is truly her's.


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    Rashid Shah

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  • "You are truly awesome...just checked your medley !!! Keep rocking....loved your voice and style !!!"

    Sakshi Kaul via Facebook
  • After Watching and listening to your song, all I could say is, 'Damn It's So Perfect!'. A Kashmiri Song With Rock 'n' Roll Music with a small touch of Rabab in it. 'Awesome!', that's the only word my brain could process at that moment.Love your voice and expressions during singing. A Big fan of yours.

    Zaid Magray via Facebook
  • I watched your performance on YouTube. Amazing stuff ! Specially 'teri khushboo mein' is one of my favourites.

    Abhigna Acharya via Facebook
  • I listened to your songs on loop for hours. They literally touch your heart in the truest manner possible.

    Aman Indra Kaul via Facebook
  • I really felt in peace after listening to your voice .You have an amazing voice and any music lover will agree with me.

    Vishal bhat via email

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