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Guiyang No. 14 High School, founded in 1958, is located on the bank of Nanming River. The public traffic is very convenient for the students to get there. The school is comprised of modern and advanced teaching equipment. Teaching buildings, administrative building, laboratory building and comprehensive building are standardized, clean and tidy. All the laboratories for different subjects are fully equipped with first-class teaching facilities. There are professional music rooms,art rooms, science-technology rooms and multimedia rooms for teachers and students. There are also an indoor basketball playground, physique gymnasium and an outdoor plastic sports ground with 250-metre long running tracks around. The school has excellent staff, with about 150 professional teachers, among whom there are provincial-recognized teachers, superfine teachers, high-grade teachers and teachers with master degrees and so on. There are 40 classes and about 2000 students in the school.
With the unremitting efforts through the people of No.14 for decades, the school motto in pursuit of the truth, kindness, the perfect and health has formed, so have the school ethics of faithfulness, diligence, solidarity and aggressiveness and the moral ethics of noble ethic and thoughtful cultivation, the teaching ethics of preciseness, innovation, devotion and dedication, the style of study through respecting teachers, observing the rules, curiousness and reflection. The school has been honored as the Green School in Guiyang municipality, the Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization in Guiyang municipality, the provincial Banner Youth Committee on May 4th in Guizhou, the School with Science-technology Characteristics for Young People in Guizhou, the All-around National School with Art Characteristics, the All-around National Advanced Experiment School for Traditional Culture and Chinese teaching & learning Research, the All-around National Education and Scientific Research Experiment School for the Study of Improving the Actual Effect in Class Teaching Strategy during the Eleventh Five-Year plan period(2006--2010) on education development, and so on.
Sticking to the goal of cultivating the students through passing on knowledge, managing affairs, providing service to them heart and soul and offering educational environment. Keeping the orientation of creating a kind of harmonious school culture in the campus, the school will absorb some advanced educational ideas and methods which can promote the development of the school, and go all out to improve the education level based on the successful experience accumulated in the past 50 years to set up a school satisfied by people.