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Moral education

Guiyang fourteen Middle School in November 2012 student examination newsletter

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Issued by the Ministry of Education, School Health Ordinance annually to students' health testing, inspection results will provide accurate data collection to the National Middle School Physical Health, in order to grasp the National Middle School physical health status. Nanming District Hospital on November 13, 2012 to the 16th, the junior high school year a total of 876 students, and 1,307 high school grade students undergo a medical examination, medical items, including: medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, oral, vision, height, weight, blood pressure. My school doctor Nanming District hospitals require advance preparation, organizational arrangements, the successful completion of a medical mission. The examination results will feedback reported after two weeks, students will need to retest written notice to parents for review.
                           Guiyang XIV thinking taught at
                            November 19, 2012