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Moral education

Guiyang fourteen students' social practice activities harvest

发布日期:2013/3/6 14:47:32         访问次数:927

Adapt to the environment for the students to observe nature and learn to exchanges and cooperation, comprehensive ability to withstand setbacks, etc., November 19 - 23, my school organized early sophomore social practice base to middle school students in Guizhou Province to participate in the five-day society practical activities.
The event, under the careful organization of the practice base, the flowers, the agricultural survey, soy milk / Ciba, traditional, modern agriculture, picnic and other activities, and loved by the students. At the base, the students will and physical exercise, exercise activities, and be happy reaping. The event to achieve the goals of the students to participate in social practice activities, showing the style of Guiyang 14th secondary school sub-civilization. Meanwhile, in the social practice, Guiyang fourteen high school students with its strict organizational discipline, good mental outlook, by practice base leadership and teacher praise. King Menghan 20 students was named outstanding students, three classes of the first two days, five classes and was named outstanding civilization class title.
         Guiyang XIV thinking taught at
         November 26, 2012
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      Outstanding students from the list:
                  The first two days of classes: Wang Menghan Aotian Qi Ye Zixin Zhang Yunjia
                  The first two days, 2 classes: Majun Xuan Du Yuyu Ge Lu Dai Lin
                  Two days of the three classes: Shiju Yuan Wang Bin Wang the string Joru Star
                  The first two days of classes: Wang Jian Huang Pei Hunan Jie Hong Jun Li
                  Two days of the five classes: Luo its Houde Huanglin Ya Guo Zhiqiang Liu Ting
      Excellent civilization class group:
                     Two days of the three classes
                     Two days of the five classes