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The first semester of the 2012 - 2013 school year the Guiyang, fourteen Middle School state grants issued newsletter

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    January 17, 2011 14, 2013, Guiyang XIV Building Academic Hall was held in the high school state grants distribution ceremony of the first semester of the 2012 - 2013 school year. More than 200 students and parents, the head teacher to participate in the distribution ceremony. 111 poor students get a subsidy of 750 yuan per person per semester. The majority of poor students feel the warmth from the state and school.
The distribution ceremony, And Vice Chancellor Xue Zhaogui charged recipients classmates should this love of the country to remember you, to use the grants to the thrifty attitude, it is necessary in the learning and life, study hard to live up to the party and the the countries hope to lay a solid foundation for the future to return to the motherland, to return to the community.
Li Xing speak as a student representative, said the party and the country hope exhortations of the school, a serious effort to learn, an active part in volunteer activities and social returns. The Xing-grade students a total score of 562 points in the final exam of the semester his commitment.
The teacher representatives Li Xinmin teacher said students and parents, the poor do not feel inferior, through the efforts of the students will be in charge of their own future, so students must struggle. Through unremitting efforts, we can change a person's fate, so parents must support students to complete their studies. By the insistence of the students high school three years, the school will thank you, because you will be the pride of the school.
    The recipients students have to cherish the opportunity to learn, to work hard, to return to the community with excellent academic achievement and outstanding performance, return on parents to turn in excellent answer to his alma mater.
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                                     January 18, 2013