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Moral education

The first semester of the 2012 - 2013 school year is not working meeting of parents, schools

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 To enable students to spend a safe, meaningful, fulfilling the Spring Festival on January 17, 2013, 3:00 pm, Guiyang XIV held a winter vacation safety education special school for parents meeting.
At the meeting, all parents through the 2013 school newspaper, school education and teaching in the past year has been more in-depth understanding. Vice-Chancellor Xue Zhaogui read out to the parents on behalf of the school "winter holiday letter to parents, require parents to attach importance to the education of the child's safety, pay attention to the integrity of the child's education, the emphasis on children's psychological and physiological health education to parents during the holidays to teach children to reasonable arrangements for winter vacation the learning life effective advice and guidance. And parents to take advantage of the Spring Festival this opportunity to cultivate children learn to be grateful, to establish a sense of responsibility, to develop respect for their elders, culture conservation awareness, children actively involved in whatever housework, from understanding the responsibility of the "home".
Dean of Academic Affairs OF URBAN teaching put forward specific requirements, and stressed that the holidays are the students the best time of the Network access in the holidays parents to assist the child to develop good study plan reasonable, effective learning, and a solid foundation to meet next the semester learning life.
Finally, class teachers, subject teachers communicate to parents feedback students in learning, living, and provide effective recommendations for better guidance to students learning life.
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                                  January 18, 2013